17 OCT 2013

Dan at McDonald's

Dan paid a visit to the busy McDonald's in Whitehouse Ipswich. Here he met franchisee Mark Richards and some of his 80 staff.

Dan heard from Mark how the franchise is growing by the end of the year an extra 25 people will have been employed, taking the total number to 95

He also heard how McDonald's spends some £360m a year supporting British farmers and food producers through its UK supply chain.

Dan said

"It's great to see McDonald's training and employing so many local people in North West Ipswich, and I am particularly encouraged by the support being shown to local farmers and food producers by McDonalds. The expanded menu and food labelling also helps people to understand what they are eating and make a healthy choice."

Finally Dan tried his hand at making a Big Mac but after several attempts decided to stick to his job as a NHS doctor delivering babies!

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