29 MAY 2013

Dr Dan And Country Landowners Association Back Local Farmers And Food Producers At Suffolk Show

Dan was keynote speaker the Country Land and Business Association breakfast meeting at the Suffolk Show and reiterated his support for Suffolk's farmers and food producers and emphasised the vital role they play in providing fresh, nutritious food.

In his role as a Government Health Minister, Dan is leading efforts to ensure that farmers and food producers supply more locally sourced food to hospitals and other publically funded organisations.

Speaking to an audience of 250 people Dan said: 'Suffolk rightly has an excellent reputation for its locally produced food and drink and I am a great supporter of our local farmers, who have an important role to play not just in boosting our local economy but in improving patient health.'

'All hospitals should be providing high quality, fresh and nutritious food for patients, families and NHS staff, which means backing our local farmers and food producers here in Suffolk. Hospital patients benefit by having a varied and appetising menu and local farmers also gain by being able to sell their produce locally. '

Nicola Currie CLA Regional Director said 'We were delighted to have Dr Poulter as our speaker at the CLA' Suffolk Show Breakfast. Cutting food miles by serving local food in our hospitals is the right way forward, helping patients, our local economy and the environment."

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