10 JAN 2015

Dr Dan Enters New Year Fitness Challenge For MPs

Dr Dan Poulter, MP for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich and Government Health Minister has joined forces with Men's Health Magazine for an 8 week Parliamentary fitness challenge. The results will be revealed in April together with a campaign to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

Two other MPs, from Labour and the Liberal Democrats, will also be taking up the fitness challenge which aims to show that even people with the busiest lives, can get fit. Dr Dan who regularly works between 70 and 80 hour a week as our local MP, Government Health Minister and (unpaid) NHS doctor, has welcomed the opportunity to demonstrate that even those with the busiest lives can make time to exercise and improve their health and wellbeing.

Dr Dan Poulter said: "As a Government Health Minister, and as a doctor, I believe that it is important to lead by example, and make time for sport and exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle.

"Making changes to our diet and lifestyle, and doing more exercise can improve both physical and mental health. I am already a keen sportsman, and play rugby when time permits, but there is always more you can do. I hope that my efforts will help to encourage other people with busy lives to make small changes to improve their health and fitness."

Daniel Masoliver, features editor at Men's Health, added: "Time is often cited as the biggest barrier to people adopting healthier lifestyles, as they try to juggle their busy working, social and family lives. Making time for exercise and healthy nutritional choices can often feel like a luxury they simply can't afford.

We hope, however, that this feature will prove that no-one is too busy to take care of their physical health, and that Dr Poulter and the other Members of Parliament involved will inspire readers to make their own healthy choices."

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