02 NOV 2012

Dr Dan fights for residents in Dales Road

Dr Dan with residents at Dales Road, IpswichDan is always prepared to fight for residents and to support local causes that are important to his constituents. Earlier this year, a group of residents from North-West Ipswich visited him at one of his regular advice bureaus to complain about the disruption they have been suffering on Dales Road as a result of heavy goods vehicles accessing a small industrial estate on the road. As the industrial park is not large enough to house the HGVs, many of them are forced to park on either the side of the road or on pedestrian paths, which ends up obstructing the view of residents attempting to leave their driveways outside their homes. The HGVs also generate unwanted noise outside homes during anti-social hours, which has made life very difficult for many residents.

Last week, along with local Councillor David Goldsmith, Dan met with a large group of residents on Dales Road, who presented him with a petition demonstrating their strength of feeling on this issue. Dan has already visited the site on many occasions and has written to the Secretary of State for Transport and the Traffic Commissioner as the views of local residents should be properly considered before decisions affecting their quality of life are taken. He will continue to support the residents of Dales Road to find a solution to this ongoing problem.

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