06 DEC 2011

Dr Dan meets with residents of Daimler Road, Ipswich and Anglia Water

Dr Dan meets with residents of Daimler Road and Peter Simpson of Anglian Water

Dr Dan recently visited Daimler Road in Whitehouse, Ipswich, to meet with the Managing Director of Anglian Water, Peter Simpson and residents regarding the flooding problems at the site. For years, the long-suffering residents of Daimler Road have endured the misery of having their homes flooded during periods of heavy rainfall, with raw sewage flowing back into kitchens and bathrooms.

The meeting was extremely constructive and Dan was pleased that Anglian Water have agreed to a number of actions, such as installing non-return valves to prevent sewage backflows in pipes, and carrying out a detailed water impact survey over the next 6 months to assess the extent of the rainfall in the area. Residents in Daimler Road have already suffered quite enough, but Dan is glad that progress is now being made to resolve the problems at the site.

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