20 JAN 2015

Dr Dan Objects to Proposed Eye Power Plant














Dr Dan has thrown his support behind local residents objecting to Progress Power's proposed construction of a gas fired power plant in Eye.

Dr Dan wrote a letter to the Planning Inspectorate in which he added his strong objections to those already expressed by many of his constituents including the community group Eye Airfield Parishes Working Group (EAPWG). Dr Dan raised concerns over the unsuitability of the location of both the gas fired plant and the separate electrical connection compound (substation) and the adverse impact they would have on the lives of people living in the area.

In his letter to the Planning Inspectorate, Dr Dan made clear his concerns over Eye being an unsuitable site for the power plant and that the substation in particular would be damaging to the rural character of the area. The loss of greenfield land which has always been used for farming and the construction of up to five large gas turbine generating units would forever change the character of the town and adversely affect tourism, an important element of the local economy.

Dr Dan said, "I have written to the Planning Inspectorate making it clear that I cannot support the proposal for the Eye power plant. I am disappointed that Progress Power has not given enough consideration to the concerns raised by residents and I fully support the Eye Airfield Parishes Working Group in their objections to Progress Power's proposals."

Cllr David Burn, the Chairman of Eye Airfield Parishes Working Group, added, "Dr Poulter has always taken a keen interest in the communities surrounding the airfield and his support on this occasion is very much appreciated. It is good to know that Dr Poulter is willing not just to listen to our concerns but to do something about them".

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