14 MAR 2012

Dr Dan speaks at Better Broadband for Suffolk Conference in Bury St Edmunds

Dr Dan fields questions from the audience at the Suffolk Better Broadband conference in Bury St Edmunds.Helping to deliver a high-speed and reliable broadband service in Suffolk remains one of Dan’s top priorities as your MP for Central Suffolk and North Ipswich. Last week, he participated in a question and answer session at the Suffolk Better Broadband conference in Bury St Edmunds, and used this opportunity to reiterate the importance of making sure that everyone in Suffolk has access to a faster, more reliable broadband service. Fellow Suffolk MPs, councillors and local business leaders were all present at the event, which showcased the strength of support in our county for bringing Suffolk’s internet speeds into the 21st century. The conference also marked the start of a month-long public consultation which gives residents in Suffolk the opportunity to comment on how £21million of public money is being invested in the programme.

The campaign for better broadband in Suffolk has now entered its final month, after which time the contract for delivering a high speed internet service will be awarded and work on installing new broadband cables will begin in earnest. Dan hears time and again during his frequent visits to local businesses, schools and farms across Suffolk, how reliable internet connection speeds are no longer an option but a vital necessity in this day and age. Not only will the roll out of high-speed broadband serve to boost our local economic development by advantaging small businesses and farmers, it will bring enormous benefits to local health services and help improve educational standards across Ipswich and Suffolk. In an age when many people rely on the internet to communicate, bank and shop online, more reliable internet access will improve the everyday lives of people across Suffolk.

Along with his fellow Suffolk MPs, Dan has worked hard to secure over £11.6 million of Government funding for better broadband in Suffolk and knows that an enormous amount of effort has been put in by a number of people and local organisations in Suffolk to reach this point in our bid for better broadband across the county. He would like to commend Suffolk County Council’s leader, Cllr Mark Bee for his leadership in providing the necessary financial commitment from the County Council into this project. Chris Soule, Chairman of the Suffolk Federation of Small Businesses and all of our local businesses and community groups also deserve praise for forming a viable business case for high-speed broadband in Suffolk. Dan would encourage as many readers as possible, if you have not already done so, to show the high level of support that we have in Suffolk for faster connection speeds by completing the Better Broadband for Suffolk survey, available from local parish councils and libraries and online at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/suffolkBBdemand.

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