23 MAY 2012

Dr Dan speaks at the European Union of Women AGM in Ipswich

Dr Dan addresses the European Union of WomenLast week, Dan spoke at the European Union of Women’s annual general meeting in Ipswich. Addressing a large audience, Dan spoke about life as both an NHS medical doctor and an MP, before taking questions on a number of topics, ranging from the Government’s health reforms which are cutting £5 billion of unnecessary waste and bureaucracy in the NHS and putting this into frontline healthcare, to the importance of having MPs in Parliament who have worked in the real world.

The European Union of Women was founded in 1953, the inspiration of an Austrian Member of Parliament, Dr Lola Solar. The aim was to stimulate an interest in European affairs and to enable women to make their contribution to solving common international problems. The European Union of Women believes that women should be encouraged to play an active part in civic life, and membership includes business and professional women, MPs, MEPS and local Councillors. The group regularly holds events and recently a number of members visited Poland on an information visit. Dan would like to extend his thanks to Pam Stephens of the North Essex and Suffolk Branch, along with Branch Chairman Anne Walker, for inviting him to speak at the AGM, and he wishes the group well in the future.

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