20 FEB 2014

FASD Trust

Dan went to a meeting of the local FASD Trust. Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders is a term for several diagnoses that are all related to prenatal exposure to alcohol (i.e. while a baby is still in the womb).

FASD covers a wide range of birth defects which are caused entirely by women drinking alcohol at any time during pregnancy.

The condition often goes undiagnosed, or is misdiagnosed, for example as autism or ADHD, and this can lead to secondary disabilities.

Dan was delighted to meet Mrs Julia Brown CEO of the Trust and listen to Dr Regina Chandraraj, Lead Community Paediatrician from Ipswich Hospital who hosted the meeting and gave an update on our local service provision.

There were a number of maternity and early year's health professionals at the meeting and they will be doing all they can to raise awareness of the dangers of alcohol consumption, particularly binge drinking while pregnant. Dan will be doing all he can to support them in this and all the other work they do on behalf of pregnant women, mums and babies in Suffolk.


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