Amateur Music

Thank you for contacting me about when amateur music can return to practice and performance.

I know that the measures taken to limit the spread of coronavirus are having a huge impact on people's lives, stopping all of us from living the lives we are used to. I hope you will be encouraged by the progress we continue to make on the roadmap to recovery and that more and more activities are restarting.

However, we are not yet in a position where large gatherings of people indoors are safe. As it stands, you are able to meet in groups of up to six people from different households outdoors. The more people you have interactions with, the more chances we give the virus to spread. Therefore, it remains vital that we all try to limit the number of people we see, especially in close confines.

Ministers are holding targeted talks with leaders in the orchestra, choral and theatre sectors to better understand how the higher risk of activities like singing and playing of wind/brass instruments can practically be mitigated at all levels.

In the meantime, I am pleased that a large support package has been rolled out to support the arts sector. I know that Ministers have worked closely with Arts Council England (ACE) to determine what should be done to support the sector and are keeping the situation under review. 

Ministers have also worked closely with the Entertainment and Events Working Group to develop guidance which will enable performing artists to train, rehearse and perform safely. The guidance will be published in due course and will include guidance on minimising risk of transmission and supporting singers, wind and brass players and other musicians to return in COVID-secure ways.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.