Dr Dan Poulter meets Suffolk Chamber of Commerce to push A14 No More Delays Campaign

Following a busy morning of meetings, Dr Dan was pleased to meet with Suffolk Chamber of Commerce to discuss key priorities for the county as we move forward with a new Parliament.

Dr Dan met with Suffolk Chamber’s Chief Executive, John Dugmore, and his team to discuss the forthcoming report into improvements for the Orwell Bridge, but also about the need to reinforce with Government the need for urgent improvements to the A14.

With this Government’s drive to level up investment and infrastructure across the UK, what better time to press the case for urgent investment in the A14 – Suffolk’s gateway to the Midlands and beyond.  This key arterial route is a vital corridor between Britain’s largest container port in Felixstowe, enabling the distribution of goods UK-wide and the time has come for much needed investment to improve pinch points on this most important of roads and to enable smoother, more efficient onwards travel to the Midlands and the North.

Together with his fellow Suffolk Parliamentarians, Dr Dan will continue to work closely with colleagues at Suffolk Chamber of Commerce to continue to push the A14 No More Delays campaign.