Local MP, Dr Dan Poulter, celebrates success of local business - Lane Farm Country Foods

After a visit to nearby Kenton Hall Estate, local MP, Dr Dan Poulter was delighted to visit Suffolk food producer, Lane Farm Country Foods.  Based in Brundish, owners Ian and Sue Whitehead were all too pleased to meet with their local MP and to update him on how the business has grown and is continuing to evolve and flourish.

Lane Farm is a family run farm in its third decade of business. They produce a range of pork products from succulent ham, sausages to salami and bacon to burgers using only the finest and freshest meat reared on the farm itself.  High standards of animal welfare and traceability are a top priority for consumers here in the UK and Lane Farm are proud to be members of the RSPCA Freedom Food Scheme.

Dr Dan was pleased to learn more about how the business has grown - originally focussing on high quality sausages and bacon, Ian and Sue have now ventured into producing a range of hams, bacon, salami and pork and apple burgers that are now at the centre of Lane Farm’s business.  Lane Farm was one of the first producers of salami and chorizo within the UK and in 2005 they built one of the country’s first drying rooms for charcuterie.