Suffolk MP, Dr Dan Poulter, demands urgent action to tackle unauthorised development in Mendlesham

Central Suffolk and North Ipswich MP, Dr Dan Poulter, has today called on Mid Suffolk District Council to take swift action amidst growing concerns about unauthorised development on the outskirts of Mendlesham.

Late last year, Dr Poulter first wrote to the Council urging them to take urgent action against this unauthorised development on land at Brockford Road in Mendlesham, but since then the site has continued to grow dramatically and is now home to some 24 or so caravans and static homes, with more arriving on a regular basis.

A growing number of residents have been in touch with their local MP citing concerns about the inappropriate development of the land at Brockford Road, next to the A140. The land, adjacent to an existing caravan park, is being sold off in one acre plots, and local residents continue to become increasingly concerned about the potential for an unplanned permanent travellers site. Plots which have already been sold off have seen extensive development, with multiple portacabins, park homes and caravans on site, as well as a number of hard-standings. Extensive groundworks continue at the site, with hedges being ripped out, new ditches dug and areas of the fields being concreted over.

In response to previous concerns raised by Dr Poulter, Mid Suffolk District Council had confirmed that a number of applications along this stretch of road had already been rejected and enforcement teams were on stand-by to take remedial action. However, the unauthorised development continues to take place, despite the lack of planning permission, and Dr Poulter is now calling for more robust action to be taken to stop any further illegal and inappropriate development.

In raising his concerns with Mid Suffolk District Council, Dr Poulter said "A growing number of local residents have been in touch with me to raise their concerns and having seen the site for myself in the last day or so, I too share their concerns about the sheer scale of the unauthorised development."

"It is clear to see that the unpermitted development is having a considerable effect on Brockford Road and the surrounding area, and not at all in accordance with the established neighbourhood plan for Mendlesham. Given that the village has recently rejected an application for 60 new homes because of concerns about a lack of local infrastructure, I would ask that the Council's Enforcement Team takes rapid action before any further damage is caused to an area which is ill-equipped and ill-suited to such a development."