Suffolk MP, Dr Dan Poulter, takes to the air-waves at The Beeches Community Primary School in North West Ipswich

A regular visitor to the former Whitton Community Primary School, local MP Dr Dan Poulter was delighted to visit the newly re-named and re-branded Beeches Community Primary School, to formally launch the school's Radio Club.

The radio club, hosted at the Beeches Community Primary School, is a joint venture, offering opportunities to pupils from The Beeches, Castle Hill Junior School, Dale Hall Community Primary School and Ormiston Endeavour Academy.

Dr Dan was delighted to join staff and pupils for the grant opening, before being grilled on air by the young DJs.  Speaking about the experience, Dr Dan said "It's fantastic to be here for the radio club. It's not just providing these young people with an experience, it's providing them with valuable life skills for their future."

The studio boasts a soundproof booth in the highest point in the school - complete with an 'on air' light above their door to remind classes nearby to keep quiet.

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