Wilby Primary School welcomes local MP, Dr Dan Poulter

On Friday 17th May, pupils across years 4, 5 and 6 came together to welcome their local MP, Dr Dan Poulter, to the school for a visit and special MP's Question Time.

All of the pupils were incredibly keen to ask their questions and to find out more about the role of an MP, with many of the children itching to ask more than one question.

Having clearly done their homework, the children's questions spanned a whole range of topical issues, from fake news and protecting children and young people on the internet and social media, to the future of small rural schools and what the Government can do to help protect our planet from the effects of climate change.

On the topic of climate change, Dr Dan explained to the children how the UK has actually done very well, when compared to other countries around the world, in phasing out coal fired power plants and working hard to maximise energy from renewable sources instead. But there remains much to be done to make our homes smarter and more energy efficient and by making small changes, the children themselves have a key role to play in conserving energy and educating others about the small steps we can all take to save energy.

Reflecting on the visit, Dr Dan said "It was an absolute pleasure to visit Wilby Primary School and to be given such a warm welcome by staff and students alike. It's always heartening to see our young people so engaged with politics and I very much enjoyed taking questions from such inquisitive and interested young students. It was clear to see that the children care very much about the world we live in and had done their research thoroughly and I look forward to visiting them again soon."

Headteacher, Mrs Wiseman, added "As adults, we often forget how passionate young people are about some of the big issues facing us today. It's so important to keep them learning and talking about these wider topics that will affect their futures. It was wonderful that they had the opportunity to be listed to today – we can learn a lot from our children."

Finally, Year 6 student, Molly said "I think Dr Dan really listened to our questions – it was great to be able to challenge him. We really care about our world and issues such as education and internet safety. We are the future and it's great when we get to have a say."